Cheapest Tuition University: Ghent University Admission Process, Belgium

Many students actively decide to study in low tuition universities as they do not have sufficient funds to pay the fees in huge tuition countries such as UK, US and Australia. It is a known fact several countries in Europe have universities whose tuition fees are affordable and low for international students. So today, I’ll use this opportunity to talk about how to study on low or cheapest tuition university in Ghent, Belgium.

Ghent is a well known city and a municipality in the popular region of Belgium. It is also the capital and largest city of the East Flanders Province after Antwerp the largest municipality of Belgium.

Ghent University is a renowned public research university based in Ghent, Belgium. It was established sometime in 1871 by King William 1 of Netherlands.Shortly after the Belgian revolution which took place in 1830. The newly established Belgian State opened its gates and began administering university education. It officially became the first English speaking university in Belgium.

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To study here, bear in mind that all bachelors and masters programs are taught in English. The language of instruction is included in the course catalogue.

Language Requirements

Based on your desired language of instruction, you’ll need to show proof of efficiency in either Dutch or English. Some programs might require the standard level of proficiency or B2.

How to Apply for a PHD Program

There are two ways of applying for a PhD at Ghent University:

  1. Apply for an open position PhD spot
  2. Alternatively, approach a specific Ghent University Professor

Admission to Master’s Degree

There are two types of masters programs:

*Initial masters(also known as Manaba)

*Advanced or subsequent masters(also known as manaba)

Tuition Fees

Belgium is divided into three regions:the brussels, the flemish region,and the walloon region.Note that universities from Walloon region require non EU students to pay specific tuition fees set by the ARES.

Tuition Fees for Advanced Masters Programs:

-The tuition fee is basically 234,10 Euros fixed amount + 11.20 Euros + an extra amount per credit which can differ across faculty.

-And of course different  universities have different tuition fees.

Living Expenses

The average cost of living in Ghent is roughly 790 and 1,210 EUR/year.

Student Accommodation

Please note that the Housing Office rents out rooms, studios and flats to students. It houses international students and staff and visitors alike. Also living expenses is dependent on factors such as spending habit of student and the city the student stays to pursue his/her studies

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