Cheapest Tuition Universities in Malaysia

This article will discuss low tuition universities in Malaysia, cost of living, admission requirements and tuition fees. If you did not know, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country occupying major parts of of the Malay Peninsula and Borneo.

It has beaches, rainforests plus a mix of Indian,Chinese, and European cultural influences.Kuala Lumpur the beautiful capital is home to majestic colonial buildings,busy shoppings districts such as Bukit Bintang and Skyscrapers such as the iconic 451m-tall Petronas Twin towers. International students around the world have found studying in Malaysia very rewarding and an experience they would like to have all over again.

There are several benefits associated with studying in Malaysia and I shall explain them:

Why Study in Malaysia

Low tuition and top quality education

Higher education is affordable and top quality in Malaysia. That explains why thousands of international students choose to study in Malaysia. You can acquire a UK engineering degree in Malaysia through a 3+0 franchised program  at an estimated amount of $6,000, whereas tuition fee for the same 3 year period in the UK would go for $45,000.

Benefits of Studying in Malaysia

Top quality of educational system and standards.

Your ability to obtain foreign UK degrees while studying fully in Malaysia.

High quality of Life.

Comparatively low living expenses

Straightforward immigration process

Wide range of food.

Multi language country allowing for ease of communication.

Fantastic place for travel destinations.

Multi language country allowing for ease of communication.

Student Visa

Note that all international students will be required to have a “student pass” and student visa. Obtaining a student pass is easy because once you are admitted, the university itself will directly apply for the pass on your behalf. You’ll need to submit a personal bond which you’ll be required to pay $69-$365 depending on your country of origin. Note that once your acceptance and student pass are approved, you’ll need to apply separately for a single entry student visa through the Malaysian embassy or High commission available in your home country.

For this, you’ll need to provide evidence of your offer of study and student pass, plus showing proof of financial stability to cover tuition fees, living expenses. Depending on what your country of origin is, you might be asked to submit additional information.

Tuition Fees

Note that fees vary among universities in Malaysia, due to the surging number of international branch campuses and private institutions. Generally, studying in Malaysia is cheaper than many countries, with average tuition fees currently standing at $3,950 per year.

Interestingly, the highest ranked university in the country, Universiti Malaya(UM), as a public institution has an average which is lower at just $1,674 per year. Although the costs of programs in Malaysia tend to be higher, they are very much affordable comparatively, while offering the same value. For example, if you undertake a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Monash University’s Malaysian branch campus, it would cost US $9,222 a year.While at the original Monash University in Australia, the price would be more than double currently $23,000 per year.

Living Expenses in Malaysia

One big advantage for international students who choose to study in Malaysia is the relatively cheap cost of living. The total expenditure for accommodation , either on campus or off campus is very affordable.

While your living expenses will depend on the location of your accommodation and your personal lifestyle.You’ll be pleased to know that KL has been ranked one of the least expensive cities in the world to live in.For some students, a monthly budget of $375 will provide them with a comfortable living in Malaysia.

Breakdown of Living Expenses

On average, an international student should be prepared to  313 USD to 469 USD per month for living expenses in the vicinity of a city. The cost is broken down as follows:

Accomodation Expenses

You should keep aside $94 to $141 for your monthly accomodation.This rental will vary depending on the geographical area, the type of accommodation (on campus living in a hall of residence, or off campus living in an apartment, double storey housing.


Your food and housekeeping expenses would be put at USD 133.This is USD 4.3 for three meals per day. Usually, if you cook and share the cooking expenses with your friends, it will be cheaper.


Your clothing expenses such as washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning would cost around $19 per month.

Public Transport

Students who decide to stay on campus may not incur any cost of traveling to and from classes.However, other traveling expenses may go upto $13 per month.

Telecommunication/Mobile Phone Utilities

Mobile phone packages in Mauritius are very super competitive.The amount you spend will depend on your usage and promotional package available. The average student would pay USD 17  per month.

Books and Reading Materials,plus Stationery

We have estimated the cost to be around USD24 per month but would largely depend on the course you have signed up plus the number of courses and projects.

Personal Expenses

How much you spend each month would depend on your personal livestyle.However, the cost can be between $32 and $64.This includes socialising needs, toiletries, haircut, clothes and movies.

Using the estimate shown above, we can conclude that the total cost of living will average $313 to $469 per month or about $3,750 to $5,765 per year-12 months for one student.Please note that the above estimate is only a guide in assisting you plan your budget to study in Malaysia. Also, individual expenses will vary based on your location, course taken and daily lifestyle.While this is relatively low compared to many destinations,it is still important to budget as early as possible especially for visa application.Also bear in mind that international students are not allowed to work while studying. The only permitted period for doing so is during semester breaks and holiday periods of more than seven days, for no more than 20 hours a week and on a restricted category of jobs. What this implies is that working to offset your tuition and living expenses just can’t work.

Scholarships for Students

Scholarships and grants are a great to obtain financial assistance to study in Malaysia. Usually, universities in Malaysia offer scholarships, fellowships and grants to international students as well as domestic students. Such information is available on their websites.

Malaysian Government equally offers funds for international students.Such as the Malaysian Commonwealth Scholarship and the Fellowship Plan, available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a 2:1 gpa or higher.

Application Process

The steps for direct entry into Malaysia

  • Submit an application form with necessary documents to the chosen institutions which have received approval with the ministry of home affairs and Malaysia immigration.
  • If your application is successful,you’ll be assisted by the institution for a student pass at the Malaysian Immigration Department before entry into the country.
  • Before traveling to Malaysia, do well to inform to inform your instruction and indicate date and time of arrival.
  • If that is done, you’ll be received by your education institution that admitted you at the airport.
  • Two weeks after entering the republic, your passport will be submitted by the institution to the immigration department to place a sticker on it.

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Cost of Studying In Malaysia

Your course fees will consist of your tuition fees plus other related expenses.Below are types of fees you might incur during your course of study:

Registration fees

Tuition fees

Deposit fees

Computer /Science Laboratory fee

Health and hospitalization insurance premium.

Library fee

List of Low Tuition Universities in Malaysia

  • International Islamic University of Malaysia
  • National University of Malaysia
  • University of Malaysia Kelantan
  • University of Malaysia Pahang
  • University of Malaysia Perlis
  • University of Malaysia Sabah
  • University of Malaysia Sarawak
  • Sultan Idris Education University.





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  1. I have very low grades in my A’levels (3D’s).
    I want to apply for bachelor of pharmacy.
    My tuition budget is 4900-5000 RM per year.
    Please notify me about foundation program if I need and also about B.Pharm

  2. Goodevening Sir, I have complete WAEC result and 12 points in IJMB, (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
    I want study Medicine & Surgery in Malaysia public University. Pls I will need full or partial scholarship.
    Thank you.

  3. Good evening Sir/Madam, I have complete result in WAEC and credited the following subjects :Mathematics,English,Economics,Agricultural science,Chemistry,physics and biology. I want to study Economics in Malaysia public university. Kindly let me know my eligibility and the requirement. please do let me know if full or partial scholarship is available for the course.
    Godwin C Ogbu

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