Cheap Universities in Slovenia for International Students

sloveniaSlovenia is a really pretty country to study in,with part of its territory in the sea and the other part by the Alps. There are several low tuition or affordable universities  available in Slovenia. Additionally, Slovenia is a member country of the Schengen Area and Eurozone. That means that while studying in Slovenia as an international student, you’ll be free to explore other countries in Europe without having to apply for a visa.

How to Apply

Note International students hoping to send their application  to schools in slovenia are encouraged to apply directly to the university you are interested in. The institution will process your application and determine if you qualify for a chosen course of study. If you are admitted into the program, you’ll receive an acceptance letter from the institution. In most cases, you’ll be required to fill and submit an online application. You may also be required to download a printed application and mail it to the institution.

Admission Requirement

You may apply for undergraduate or post graduate studies at a university in Slovenia, if you have in possession a secondary school leaving certificate or a degree certificate from a recognized foreign university.

Language Requirements

Local and International students are allowed to study in either slovenian or english languages. If you are going to study in any of this two, you’ll be required to prove your proficiency in either English or Slovenian languages by presenting test results obtained in these languages.

Low Tuition Universities

*Academy of Dance

*Academy of Visual Arts

*College of Nursing Jesenice

*Doba Higher School of Business

*Environmental Protection College

*European Faculty of Law

*European Study Center Maribor

*Faculty for Commercial and Business Sciences (FCBS)

*Faculty of Applied Social Studies

*Faculty of Information Studies

Tuition Fees

Full-time students from the  EU as well as students from outside Europe whose countries have reciprocal agreements with Slovenia, are exempted from paying tuition fees at public higher education institutions in Slovenia. However, you will be required to pay a small but compulsory registration fee of about EUR 30 per year.

Part-time students as well as students studying at private universities will have to pay tuition fees.Generally, tuition fees vary from approximately EUR 1500€ to over EUR 10000 per year depending on the study program.

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