Cheap Tuition Medical and Engineering Universities and how to apply

Higher education is one of the most important yet expensive things in the world to obtain.  Of course without education, it is almost impossible to earn a decent living, plus you or your guardian have to earn enough to send you to the schools and colleges. Generally speaking,  parents bring up every kid with the dream of taking up honourable professions. It is left to the kid to decide later on what he wants to become. But the basic wish of every parent is to make their kids doctor or engineer. So if you have the same wish for your kids or you himself planning to become the future doctor or engineer, here are some of the cheap tuition medical and engineering universities.

Princeton University:

Princeton University is a top rated university for engineering programs. Situated in the Princeton, New Jersey, Princeton University is one of the biggest universities in the country. The total tuition fee is $40,170 which is  reasonably priced compared to the value of the degree. Moreover, there are many grants and scholarship programs in this university which can make it easier for you to get higher studies in this university.

Medical College of Wisconsin:

Medical College of Wisconsin is a another private and outstanding medical college situated in the Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA. This college is purely dedicated to medical studies that include simple graduation in medical studies to the complicated programs like Master of Science in Anesthesia. The total tuition fee of this college is $45,179 with many opportunities for scholarships and financial aids.

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University of Maryland – College Park:

As the name rightly suggests, this college is based in College Park, Maryland and offers one of the best engineering programs in the USA. While covering almost every sector of engineering studies, this college is one of the best colleges for engineering in the world. Explains why tuition fee is $9,162 for the in-state students and $28,348 for the out of state students.

Wake Forest University School of Medicine:

Wake Forest University School of Medicine is the affiliated University of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Situated in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is one of the top-ranked medical schools in the country and funded by the National Institutes of Health. The total tuition fee of this university is $44,696 which can be reduced by showing your eligibility for their scholarships programs.

University of Pittsburgh:

The University of Pittsburgh offers around seven engineering programs with the value score of 77. Situated in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this university rank in the top 40 universities in the USA. Its total tuition fee for in-state students is $17,100, and for the out of state students it is $27,106 with lots of scholarship opportunities.

Mercer University School of Medicine:

Mercer University School of Medicine founded in 1982 is a graduate medical school and a component of Mercer University Health Sciences Center. It also has its second campus in Savannah, Georgia and both campuses provide four-year degree programs in different sectors of professional medical studies. This medical university is considered to be an elite medical university of the country and have the tuition fee of $41,757 with many financial funding programs.

Stony Brook University – SUNY:

This university is the part of the State University of New York and also situated in the Stony Brook New York. This university provides not only civil and mechanical engineering programs but also provides medical engineering. The value score of this university is 11 and with the tuition fee of $7,995 for in-state and $19,935 for out of the state students.

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine:

The University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine is the graduate school of the University of Miami. This is one of the oldest medical school in the state of Florida founded in 1952. While providing almost every professional medical studies related programs, this university charges $41,415 with many scholarships programs based on the past academic performances.

University at Buffalo – SUNY:

The University of Buffalo has one of the strongest engineering and applied physics program in the country which is why it has the value score of 80. This university is situated in the Buffalo, New York and also a part of the State University of New York. With the degree programs in the disciplines like biomedical engineering, medical engineering and environmental engineering, the tuition fees for the in-state students is $8,211 and for the out of state students it is $20,151 with unlimited opportunities for private funding and scholarships programs for the deserving students.

Baylor College of Medicine:

With the history of more than a century, Baylor College of Medicine is a health sciences college that includes almost every professional medical studies degree programs. Another unique thing about this college is that this college is located in middle of the world’s largest medical center that is Texas Medical Center. This medical school is one of the top-tier medical school of the world and has the tuition fee of only 30,068.

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