Cheap tuition: Cost of living in Slovenia and Ireland

eeeSlovenia is generally a very peaceful country for foreign students who wish to study abroad. Several universities in Slovenia offer courses at low and cheap tuition for international students. Actually, Slovenia is a member of the Schengen area country and part of the Eurozone member countries . What this means is that while studying in a university in Slovenia, you can freely explore and visit other countries in Europe without immigration protocol.

Cost of Living

Here is a summary breakdown of cost of studying and living in Slovenia:

Accommodation € 80 -120  (student dormitory); €200 – 500 (private accommodation, bigger cities);

Study material  – mostly photocopies (0.05 €/copy);

Student coupon system – € 3-4 /meal;

City transport  –  bus token for city bus; in Ljubljana with Urbana €  1.20;

Meal for two in a medium priced restaurant –  € 25 – 30;

Glass of beer in a regular pub –  €2

Tea – € 1,80;

Glass of wine –  €1.50;

Coffee in a regular pub –  €1.50;

Big Mac – €2.50;

Cinema Ticket –   € 4,5;

Theater, concert –  €15;

Loaf of bread –  € 1,5;

Milk, 1 liter   € 1;

Apples, 1 kg   € 1,5;Gasoline, 1 liter  around  € 1,40


Ireland is an ideal country for international students to study in. It is documented that in 2008 well over eight percent of the total student body was made up of international students. Whether you come in to study in Ireland as an undergraduate or graduate student, you’ll greatly enjoy warmth,friendliness and hospitality of the Irish people. Infact, the international atmosphere and quality of higher education in their universities will make want to return to Ireland.

Cost of Living in Ireland

Recent figures made available for Dublin city ranges from EUR 7,000 to EUR 10,100. This will largely depend on your type of accommodation and housing. These estimates will cater for rent, electricity, food, books and laundry and medicine as well as travel passes and social expenses, with tuition fees excluded.

Note that Rents and many other prices might be cheaper for those living outside of the city of Dublin.

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