Cheap Medical Universities in Bulgaria and Cyrus for International Students


International students can decide to study Medicine in English or in Bulgarian language in Bulgaria. That said, General Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Public Health Management are all long standing medical studies and health fields in this beautiful country. Now international students can specialize on these medical programs on low tuition-fees for as low as $5000-$7000 per anum.

Medicine in Bulgaria is becoming an increasingly major field in Europe and the world around. That explains why Bulgarian trained doctors are held in high esteem and sought after in countries around the world. Also, it is important to note that Bulgarian medical schools attract thousands of international students every year.


 Tuition fees of Medical programs

Course (option) Tuition fees /year ( Euro)
Medicine in English (6years) 5 500 to 8000
Pharmacy in English (5years) 6 000
Dentistry in English (6years) 6 000 to 8000
Nursing in English/Bulgarian (4 years) 3000
Midwifery in English/Bulgarian (4 years) 3000
English/Bulgarian language preparatory course. 3100 to 4500
Postgraduate Specialization courses in Bulgarian (3 to 5 years) 4800
Postgraduate Studies for Ph.D.Degree in Bulgarian 4800


List of Medical Universities

Medical University of Pleven

Medical University of Varna

Medical University of Plodiv

Medical University of Sofia


Studying Medicine in Cyprus is gaining momentum from international medical students. Currently, 4 universities in Cyrus offer Undergraduate and postgraduate (medicine, dentistry pharmacy, veterinary medicine, etc.) medical programs in English.

Cyprus deeply values international studies and have  invested greatly to attract international educators over the last 20 years.

Quality education with international oriented programs, safe, friendly environment, affordable cost, English mainly as the language of instruction, pleasant Mediterranean climate, crossroad Location of Europe, Asia and Africa are among factors making Cyprus international education hub.

Tuition fees

International students should budget roughly $8000-$12000 per year for medical degree programs in Cyrus.

List of Medical Universities

-University of Nicosia Medical School

-Eastern Mediterranean University

-European University Cyrus.

-University of Nicosia, Cyrus.

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