Call for Papers: UNU-WIDER African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Conference 2017 – Accra, Ghana (Funded)

Accommodation Deadline: September first 2017

United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER) together with the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) will sort out a two-day meeting on Migration and mobility, in Accra, Ghana on 5-6 October 2017.

Movement and portability are key features of our undeniably globalized world. Challenges related with movement have been brought into sharp alleviation in the course of recent years as Europe faces an outcast emergency of noteworthy measurements. Migration likewise offers new opportunities.

For vagrants, this may incorporate financial and social portability, and enhanced physical security and an escape from struggle, viciousness and oppression. While the effect of relocation on both host and sending nations is a theme of impressive contemporary political open deliberation, there is likewise abundant research demonstrating the advantages as far as work market results, financial development, and differing qualities and advancement.

This meeting investigates the connections between relocation, mobility and advancement. Inside the setting of UNU-WIDER’s momentum research program on Transformation, Inclusion, and Sustainability, and ARUA’s need concentrate on relocation and portability, it means to unite new and imaginative research from financial aspects and different orders that can advise more extensive and applicable civil argument and activity.

The meeting will comprise of whole sessions with keynote speakers, parallel sessions with contributed papers, and a notice session.

We invite entries of individual papers, and of boards. Boards will incorporate 3-4 papers (in addition to potential discussants). We are especially keen on entries in the accompanying territories:

Rural-to-urban migration and mobility and fundamental drivers

Effect of relocation on families deserted

Macroeconomic ramifications of relocation for sending and accepting nations, including the commitments of vagrants and diasporas to all measurements of manageable improvement, the effect of settlements, mind depletion, and so on.

Social union, digestion, incorporation, and differing qualities; thought of bigotry, xenophobia, and narrow mindedness

Sex, migration, and portability

Wellbeing, movement, and versatility

Condition, common assets and populace developments; thought of environmental change and catastrophic events as drivers of contention and endeavors to moderate damages

Struggle, relocation and portability; thought of contention as a driver of movement, and of the effect of relocation on strife

Verifiable examples and the eventual fate of relocation; thought of worldwide co-operation and administration of movement in every one of its measurements

Getting the numbers and insights right: what do we know and what don’t we think about relocation streams, the qualities and abilities of vagrants, settlements, and so on (in view of accessible full scale and small scale information)


For acknowledged members, travel support can be accommodated one creator for every chosen paper utilizing the most prudent travel course subject to UN rules; inclination will be given to thoughts from authors originating from developing nations. On the off chance of being required, UNU-WIDER can likewise give visa bolster.

UNU-WIDER will give inn convenience and most suppers amid the gathering.

There is no gathering expense

Accommodation strategy

Intrigued candidates wishing to present unique research ought to finish the

online application frame. We especially support entries from early-vocation, female, and developing nation analysts.

Each paper accommodation will require:

1 An up and coming CV

2 A summary not surpassing 300 words which ought to condense the examination address, the fundamental techniques and information, and key discoveries of the paper and the bigger ramifications of the exploration

3 A full-length paper OR an augmented publication

• the principal page of the paper or expanded dynamic ought to incorporate all contributors’ names

what’s more, affiliations and the previously mentioned 300-word theoretical

• in PDF design

• written in English

• full-length papers ought to be 6,000-10,000 words in length though the developed

modified works ought to be 1,500-1,800 words in length

It is likewise conceivable to present a board proposition as a feature of the application. For this situation, one

individual from the proposed board needs to present an abstract of roughly 300 words

which ought to outline the topic of the board, including posting of proposed papers, and

potential discussants. It would be ideal if you take note that all papers of the proposed board must be submitted independently taking after the above rules.

Any questions on the call for papers ought to be sent to

Already unpublished papers displayed at the gathering will be considered for publication in the WIDER Working Paper arrangement.

Critical dates

1 May 2017 : paper/expanded dynamic accommodation due date

12 June 2017 : deadline for acknowledgment/dismissal warning

1 September 2017 : last papers due

5-6 October 2017 : meeting

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UNU-WIDER African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) Conference 2017

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