Best study Techniques – Strategies Every Student Should Know

Many of us always wanted to know the magic to study effectively and learn quickly but the truth is that there is no short way to success but it’s not that hard either. You have to be smart and adopt smart study techniques to make sure that you studying effectively.

Here we have compiled few points that will help you study well:


  1. Study every day – Remember, you need to climb one step at a time to reach the height of success. In order to complete your syllabus on time or even before that, you should study daily. This not only helps you better understand the subject but at the same time it saves the last moment stress. At the beginning of the session, you can begin by devoting 2-3 hours at night and later you can increase the time.
  2. Set up your study place– An important aspect of studying well is that you have a clutter free study space where you can concentrate easily. Make sure that the place you choose for studying is clutter free, distraction free and where you can concentrate well.
  3. Your golden hours– Once you are through with setting up your study space is to find the best time of the day when you are able to study well; some of us are day people while others are night owls, you need to know when can you study the best and plan your schedule accordingly.
  4. Your style of learning – There are many ways to study well and there are different styles as well; there are people who are auditory learner – the ones who learn by listening, some are visual learners – ones who learn by seeing and tactile learners– these are the ones who learn by doing. Unlike the earlier times, today we have YouTube, e-books, audio books etc. which have made learning very easy. Understand your style and choose a method accordingly.
  5. Revise and review– Once you are done with a chapter, it is important that you revise it and review your study to know if you have completed your chapter or have missed some points. Moreover, revising it will help you remember it for long.
  6. Seek help– There are certain subjects or topics which are our weak points and we are not confident about it, if you some areas of concern there is no harm seeking help from your teacher, friends or parents.
  7. Take breaks– Putting in continuous hours of study might not always work, studying continuously leaves you stressed and your brain exhausted, hence, it’s advisable that you break your study sessions. Sit back, relax, listen to music or go out for a walk, all these activities will help you get refreshed and you can sit again and study with the same fervour.
  8. Make use of technology– Thanks to the modern era of technology we now have heaps of apps that help in the process of learning, download your favourite one and make the best use of it.
  9. Eat well– healthy eating is a must to study well, eat fruits, have a protein and carb rich diet which will help you increase your stamina and keep you energized. Having a sound sleep is also important; this helps in relaxing your brain muscles and body as well.
  10. Always be positive – Having a positive attitude is a must. There are times when we feel stressed and low, this eventually affects our studying pattern and disturbs our concentration level, so make sure that you study stay motivated and positive. Remember, every problem is for some time and will vanish with time, let it not affect your mind and body.


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