Best and Affordable Computer Science Schools in Germany

Every college program has its perks and benefits, but some programs attract higher and better employment opportunity.Computer Science programs are of great importance especially in this digital age. Computer Science is the study of computers and computernational systems.Computer scientists usually deal with software and software systems, this includes their theory, design, development and application. German institutions are also known for excellent academic teachings. If you intend to study computer science in Germany, here is a list of top universities you should consider:

Jacobs University Bremen

This is an international, private residential university in Vegasack in Bremen-Nord, Bremen, Germany. Jacobs University is an english speaking higher education institution that combines several aspects of the American and German school systems. The computer Science program at the institution offers a world class education  which focuses on understanding principles and how they are applied in real life.


This is a German Information Technology University College, affiliated with the University of Potsdam and located in Potsdam near Berlin. Teaching and research of HPI is focused on IT-Systems Engineering. It is the only university institute in Germany that offers an undergraduate and graduate course study of IT-Systems Engineering. Students acquire the knowledge to conceptualize , develop and implement large , highly complex and crossed linked IT systems. The bachelor and masters programs are designed for highly talented young people who are looking for an innovative,practice and engineering oriented computer science studies at a university level.

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ULM University-ulm University

This is a public university in ulm, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. The university was founded sometime in 1967 and focuses on natural sciences, medicine, engineering sciences, mathematics, economics and computer science. A number of its international masters programs are taught in english, including Energy Science and Technology,

Rwth Aachen

The Rwth Aachen University has a global reputation for state of the art research and market driven academic programs, especially in engineering and natural sciences. The RWTH Aachen University has occupied a top place in German College Rankings in many areas for several months. The RWTH Aachen found in 1880 has a long lasting tradition of excellent education comprised of nine faculties amont which, the faculty of engineering. Students receive intensive basic studies-mathematics, computer science,and electrical engineering education. Students begin their studies focussing on mathematics, computer science,  and the elementary stage of electrical engineering.

Passau University

This is a public university located in Passau, lower Bavaria, Germany. Founded in 1973, has developed into one of the best academic institutions in Germany as evident in the rankings: in Computer science, Economics,Law, Cultural Studies etc. Passau University is one of the best universities in Germany.Computer Science is a special course offering. Excellent academic staff provide intensive supervision of the highest academic standard. Their special strength lies in the interdisciplinary interlinking of research and studies.

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