Apply for 2016 York World Undergraduate free Scholarships, Canada

yoooooYork university is now offering free undergraduate scholarships to international students from around the world . The scholarship awards will be give ton academically sound students with mastery of both oral and written communication skills, who are interested in pursuing a double major  (a combination of two programs resulting in a unique degree) in the humanities, the social sciences, languages and professional fields.

Scholarship Institution:

York University, Canada

Eligible Courses:

Successful International students can decide to double major in the fields below:

  • • Economics and  Political Science
  • • Finance and Business Economics
  • • Cognitive Science and Information Technology
  • • English and Professional Writing
  • • Human Rights & Equity Studies and Anthropology
  • • Sociology/Geography and Urban Studies
  • • International Development Studies and Geography
  • • History and Political Science

Number of Scholarships Available:

A total of three scholarships will be awarded

Eligible Countries:

International students

Deadline: Apply on or before 20 April 2016

Scholarship amount:

Successful and selected  scholars will receive a tuition award of about $20,000. Scholars with Grade Point Average of 80% or above will be eligible for scholarships up to $2500. If satisfactory academic  progress is shown over time, scholarships can be renewed  for up to three years.

As a York World Scholar applicant, you will also be automatically considered for the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies International Student Entrance Scholarship. Eligible candidates with a Grade Point Average (GPA) between 90% and 94.9% will receive $2,000; candidates with a GPA of 95% or higher will receive $3000

How to apply:

international applicants can apply through the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) (if they are interested in applying to other Ontario Universities) OR they can use the York online application (if they are interested in applying to York only). After submitting their OUAC application, two statements of interest will be required:

a.Submit a statement of 400 words showing in detail the double major combination you are interested in studying and why.

  1. A statement of 200 words articulating  who you envision yourself to be in the next five years.

The OUAC application and both statements must be submitted on or before 20 April 2016.

It is important to visit the official website (link found below) to access the application form and for detailed information on how to apply for this scholarship.

Please visit here for more information.


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