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freeeStudying abroad is a dream  for young men and women. Getting education from the best destination is all that a real learner wants. “seek education from cradle to grave”, said Prophet   Mohammed (S.A.W). Scholars like Ibn e Battuta, Omar Khayyam and many others traveled from place to place to seek knowledge, but travelling and staying abroad now takes a lot of money and therefore restricts international students and a lot of time even local students from gaining quality education. A wise man once said to seek knowledge and what we have today is the flow of information not the movement of knowledge. Keeping these circumstances and scenarios in mind, a few sensible and responsible countries started offering tuition-free education system for international students. There are Countries like Germany, Norway, Finland, which generously provides a complete tuition-free education and some other countries like the UK, Sweden, which offers full scholarship programmes to willing students. A lot of people are clueless when it comes to the application process, well here is a small guide to get you started. Taking you a step closer to your dream school destination.


If you want to study as an international student one language you have to master is English, English is a multinational language however if your plans include studying in Germany, Sweden and places like that you need to have a grip on their local language as well at least a little bit. Completing modules of IELTS or TOEFL and maintaining a higher score not less than five should be your target.

IELTS requirement varies from different colleges to universities. They need an overall score of 6 with not less than 5 in any of the four modules. If someone get a 5.5, then he/she may apply for ELICOS, but it’s optional and may not necessary in some areas, it’s an English language course. If he/she needs to complete before starting its degree.


Now you can search for the schools which serve best for your field of study. Once you got an idea of that, you can then only set your mind and heart on it. Search thoroughly some of you may have a university in their minds all the way along and some might need some research.


You can go to their websites, download their free admission forms and then fill it according to its requirement and send it to their postal address, or you can either send it directly online if the option is there, depending on which university you’re applying and what kind of facility they offer.


Universities along with their admission forms will usually provide you with a list of documents which are necessary attachments, or you can check their websites for the details. Some relevant documents you may require would be; education documents including your qualification certificates, passport, NIC, police check, LETS test report.

After getting an offer letter to study, you can then proceed with your visa and other stuff. But even after getting the letter visa surety is still not there as it depends on your case and some factors like, gaps between studies and most importantly the link to that study that you come back to your home country again after completing that degree. Good luck for your future and what it holds the process of applying and getting accepted will not be an easy task but where there is a will there is a way, try your hard to make your dreams come true.

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