Admission Requirements and Tuition fees of Universities in Lithuania

Admission Requirements


If an applicant has successfully completed  secondary studies in a recognized institution and is in possession of a valid school leaving certificate as well as qualifies for higher education studies in his/her home country, you may also qualify for higher education studies in Lithuania. In some cases, you are also requested to take additional qualifying courses and/or admission tests depending on the study program.

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If you are applying for a master’s program at a higher education institution in Lithuania, you are required to be in possession of a relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma.

Tuition Fees

Applicants from the EU will have to pay tuition fees at public higher education institutions in Lithuania. Generally, tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees range from 950 to 5250 EUR per year. Tuition fees for second cycle degrees (master’s degrees) range from 2100 to 6200 EUR per year.Non-EU students should expect higher tuition fees compared to EU students.


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