Admission Process of World’s Top 3 International Universities

Applying for college or higher studies is often a tedious and complex task. You don’t know what the admission process is and the online prospectuses tell you only so much. You want to get certified by one of the top universities, but you don’t know what type of exams they have, the eligibility criteria, and the deadlines. Even though most universities have this information on their websites, they are anything but helpful.

If you are a student who does not know where to start, here is a brief overview of the admission process of the top three international universities in the world:

University of Oxford

One of the top universities in the world, this one has an easy guide for students to help them apply for any course through their website. You just have to visit their homepage and follow the instructions. It even has separate websites for departments so that you can get in touch with the associated members for more information.

If you are foreign national and not from an English-speaking country, you may have to pass a language test to show how capable you are with the English language. Moreover, if you find it difficult to work on your English assignments, you can always take external help from sites like MyEssayWriting. Most courses offered by University of Oxford have a lot of writing assignments.

University of Luxembourg

One of the top European Union institutions, the University of Luxembourg takes in students from both European and non-European countries. Once you have selected the course of your interest from their website, the next step is to fill the online form and submit your application. Make sure you have all the requisite documents in person (which are different for EU and non-EU nationals) before starting the application process.

This university takes about four to six weeks to process your application. As opposed to other popular universities, University of Luxembourg encourages foreign students and regards them highly. So, if you have plans to pursue your higher studies from an international university, your search ends here.

University of Hong Kong (HKU)

A top university in Asia, HKU has a very compact admission process. You just have to visit their Admissions page and read the basic requisites. Although English language is necessary, the university does not mandate Chinese to be your second language.

HKU is often regarded as a university that appreciates its multi-cultural programs, with their International Admissions Scheme utilized by thousands of foreign students every year.

If you have already chosen one of these universities as your abroad study destination, you can just follow the links I have provided in their summaries and get going. Remember to keep your documents, transcripts, and recommendation letters handy. Good luck!

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The author is a Professor of Social Sciences who currently teaches in a Singaporean university. She has lectured in various colleges around the world on topics such as foreign exchange education, international baccalaureate, and Education for United Nations.

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