Admission Deadlines Of 3 Popular Study Abroad Destinations

Traveling can be one of the satisfying experiences in life. You get to explore the world, meet new people, and experience cultural diversity. There could be a number of reasons to study abroad, one could be to live in a multicultural society such as Australia or for better career prospects as foreign qualifications are highly valued.


Italy is known for its food, language, art and the history that engulfs this nation. For an aspiring student seeking to step foot abroad, Italy should be his first pick to travel to. The study programs over in Italy offers a unique mix of Italian studies and courses often range from business to arts.

Italian is a language that is not a pre-requisite for studying courses and the use of it is slim to none in the curriculum. Therefore, anyone can travel to Italy and the person does not even have to be well-versed Italian language. Why should Italy be preferred? Due to its movie-like landscapes, iconic ancient places in and gelatos in colors you never heard or seen before.

On the downside, not being able to speak the local language results in a certain amount of disconnect with the Italian culture. The programs/institutes you ought to keep an eye out for, should you choose to travel to Italy are:

  1. Sant’Anna Institute
  2. Performing Arts Abroad
  3. Lorenzo de’ Medici


Historic festivals and flamenco dancing aptly sums up Spain, wouldn’t you say? No there is a lot more than meets the eye. We have the tendency to stereotype places what we have come to learn having seen in movies and novels. In Spain, you can go for hikes, enjoy beaches, and the famous jamón serrano.

So all you students out there, you can travel to Spain for pursuing your dream of studying abroad and thousands do each year. You can choose from learning Spanish to enrolling in classes for international business, European studies etc.

You will find Spain to be full of diversity and this diversity takes into account the study programs to be fully equipped with housing, customized classrooms, but if you want to relax a little, hang out with locals as they like nothing more than chatting, a glass of sangria, sharing food and soaking the sun.

Among Americans, Spain has been cited as the most popular choice for studying abroad and thus, for a student hoping to find local culture there, is hard to come by. You won’t find locals at an arm’s length. As students, you will have to go out of the way to explore the city you are in and meet people therein.

Some notable programs/institutes in Spain are:

  1. CEA Study Abroad
  2. Alba Study Abroad
  3. Academic Programs International (API)


England is one of the favorite places for students seeking to study abroad. Don’t know if it is because there are a ton of historical sites there or because Wayne Rooney is from there or it could be the Harry Potter castle, can’t seriously be the quirky jargon now? Oh, come on! Please! Give me a break! The fact of the matter is that England houses some of the oldest and renowned institutes with unmatched degrees’ worth.

Those who’ve had the chance of living outside the country can very well capitalize on the opportunity of studying in England. The students can adapt seamlessly to the cultural diversity as England offers a conducive environment to adjusting. English is the common language and don’t even worry about the native dialects, with time you can pick up on those as well.

England is an expensive destination for pursuing your education. So be mindful of that before you go making any plans. Take into account the cost and affordability. London is the most sought after place in England, but after weighing in factors such as cost, students should explore areas outside of London for a relatively cheaper bargain. Few of the awesome programs/institutes in England, which offer both affordability and credibility are:

  1. University College London
  2. Middlesex University
  3. Bath Spa University


Apart from the dazzling sights of Paris and the romantic feel of the France, there are certain programs available to appeal to your learning pursuits. Choose from English or French when deciding for which program to opt for and decide how your next semester is going to be; are you going to take less course load or do you want to make it exciting by taking on full course load.

It is, however, recommended that you know foundation level French before coming to France, although, not a prerequisite, but if you are not located in the urban center then it might become a problem to navigate around. The list of programs/institutes are as under:

  1. Esmond Paris
  2. CEA Study Abroad
  3. Academic Studies Abroad


2017 is going to be a year of dreams being realized and we wish you luck in hand picking the destination from the list above that suits your needs.

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