8+ Online Courses Which Are Interesting for International Students

With significant advances in technology being made over time, the world becomes more and more digitally connected. Many international students are taking online courses not only to improve their positions in the workplace but to learn from internationally accredited institutions.

The rise of various schools on the web offering online courses, calls for discernment from international students on choosing a worthwhile and credible program. Online programs provide flexibility to the students as they don’t have to be physically present in the location of the school. You can get help with personal statement for your application after you choose a particular school and program.

Exciting online courses, for you, include:


  1. Business Administration and Management

It is a popular undergraduate program since the 1980’s. That’s according to the National Center for Education Statistics. It is a field that prepares the student for the corporate life in the area of management in the government, non-governmental and private corporations.One can pursue a Business Degree while focusing on a particular field, e.g., Accounting, Marketing or Human Resources.


  1. Project Management

A Project Manager has to oversee a project from its conception to completion. You are tasked with working on a budget and delivering on time. One can venture into healthcare, construction or even in information technology. A project management program equips the students with necessary soft skills of conflict resolution and negotiation.Having leadership, strategic and business management skills is also crucial.

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  1. Finance MBA

Many business MBA students are pursuing the Finance option. Pursuing an online Finance MBA program will help you acquire analytical, quantitative and communication skills that are essential in the field of schools. Several kinds of research, show a higher level of job satisfaction among Finance MBA pursuant.If it is a field that fascinates you then get help writing a personal statement for your application.


  1. Criminology Master’s Degree

Having a Master’s Degree in Criminology doesn’t limit you to working as a criminologist. One can work in government, law enforcement, and even higher education. It equips the students with insight into crime. From statistics, patterns and policy.You will be able to analyze and examine the link between crime and spirituality.


  1. Cyber Security Master’s Degree

There’s increased use of the internet not just at a personal level but even in the corporate world. It, in turn, opens the world to a new form of crime, referred to as cyber crime. Studying this field helps the students to detect and prevent cyber attacks.Requirements for eligibility to such programs may vary depending on the institution of interest. You may need to have a background in engineering, or computer science.


  1. Bioengineering

Bioengineering combines the concepts of engineering with life sciences. They are the ones who are tasked with developing pacemakers, artificial limbs, defibrillators, etc. They delve into using technical and medical knowledge to develop cutting edge technology in the field of medicine.You can pursue Bioengineering as a master’s degree if you have a Degree in engineering, biology or chemistry.


  1. Doctor of Education

If you are passionate about the field of education, this could be the program for you. In this program, you study the theories and research on Education. You will then use this knowledge to solve the common problems that organizations and schools face.With this degree, you can work as an administrator, teacher or as a superintendent. You will have to complete a dissertation as part of your coursework.



  1. International Marketing Management

The global economy is consumer driven. It leads to an increased need for businesses to come up with innovative ways to sell and woo both domestic and international clients to their goods. This course will equip you with insight on how to adapt the changing technologies and use it to execute your marketing strategies.You get help for your writing personal statement needs, apply to the program and improve your businesses’ marketing strategies.


  1. Computer Science

Pursuing a Computer Science Degree program will help you acquire coding and skills relevant when you complete the program. It is also among the favorite online courses as it offers a high pay and low unemployment rate, after completion.


There are many programs available online for international students. All you need to do is find out what path you would like to follow. You can then choose the optimal institution and program that is accredited and be on your way to achieving your career and life goals.


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