7 countries Americans can study for free

The cost of studying in the United States is usually very high-US college costs has gone up by almost 500%. However, the opposite is the case with other countries-Germany and other countries have done the very opposite.Most of these countries offer courses in english medium for international students coming to study.However, a few others would charge a small fee of about $300-$500 per anum if you opt to study in english. Still, it is a very cheap alternative to the pricey american university degrees.


German universities offer very competitive and top quality degree and postgraduate courses.That’s because these programs are fully funded by the German Government. That said, an American can graduate with a german degree or postgraduate degree without having to speak a German word because most of the programs are taught in english.Courses offered in German universities range from Core engineering courses to humanities.There are several industries and companies in Germany that are recruiting university graduates. So an American who graduates from a German university and decides to stay in Germany would easily get a job. For information on how much to budget for your cost of living in Germany, click here.


finlandLike Germany, universities in Finland operate free tuition for both Americans and other international students.Plus there are lot of programs that are taught in english.However, Americans admitted into Finnish universities would be expected to cover the cost of housing, board, and other personal expenses. To find info on the cost of living in Finland, click here





Sweden is a very wealthy scandinavian country with very pretty landscapes.There are several cheap undergraduate and postgraduate courses available in Sweden.There are well over 950 programs available in Sweden and all taught in english.However only phd courses are free tuition for Americans.




There are roughly 80  undergraduate courses taught in English in French universities but most of these courses are offered offered in relatively expensive private colleges.While a good number of postgraduate courses are tailored for english speaking students.Public universities would charge roughly $200 for most programs.However, a few colleges have adopted system that awards tuition fees to students based on their family’s income.Please note this tuition model is only valid for students from the european union. Even the maximum tuition fee of $15,000 is still a far cry from the tuition fees of most american colleges. For info on how to study in france plus cost of living, click here


It might interest you to know that norwegian universities don’t charge tuition fees from both american and international students.The university educational system is very similar to the one in the United States.Courses are taught in english.However,the cost of living in Norway is very high-you shouldnt expect to save money if you want study in Norway.Most places are more expensive than the other-so do your research very well before jumping onto a study destination.For more info on how to study in Norway plus cost of living, click here


About 95 courses are available in english in Brazil! State owned universities charge very insignificant fees.Two brazilian universities rank in the world’s top 400 universities. Please note that Brazil might rather be suitable for cultural immersion and not study.



A total of 150 english programs are available in Slovenian universities and international students only pay a small fee when they enrol.For info on how to study free in Slovenia, click here

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