7 Best Writing Resources and Tools to Boost Your Writing Skills

Just think about the number of assignments, study materials and guides you have to write for every single class you teach. Such educational materials that you create or personalize can make the learning process a whole lot easier for your students.

To make study supplies effective, you should focus on concise, to the point and understandable texts. Every teacher can benefit from a bit of writing assistance. If you want to work on your skills and make your texts even better, you’ll certainly enjoy these seven writing tools and resources.

Professional Formatting

Though Enloop is considered a business writing tool, it has a couple of great features that teachers can rely on.

For a start, Enloop is great for creating professionally-formatted PDF files. You can either share such files with the students in a digital format or print them out and use the materials in classroom settings.

In addition, Enloop is ideal for creating charts and plans. If formatting is your primary concern, this tool is the one you’ll benefit from.

Make Your Writing Clearer

Hemingway App is a clever little tool that you can use to sharpen your writing and enhance the meaning of every single sentence that you produce. The app checks your texts for grammar mistakes, complex or run-on sentences and stylistic errors. It gives you a readability score that will be very beneficial. The score will help you determine whether the kids you’re teaching will have any problems when it comes to understanding your writing.

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Get it Properly Edited

When it comes to more complex texts (that will be written by high school or college students), you can’t afford to make the study materials mediocre. In such instances, a bit of professional assistance would be a good idea.

Tools like PlagTracker enable you to work with professional editors that will take your writing to the next level. You can reserve such tools for more specialized academic texts, guides, curricula and other written material you’re going to use during your interactions with students.

Professionally-edited texts set the right example and give your students a better idea about what they should be striving for and how to produce professional papers, essays and assignments.

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Proofread and Edit Like a Pro

Here’s another very powerful writing, proofreading and editing service that teachers find particularly beneficial. Top Aussie Writers brings together a team of professional writers. The greatest aspect of this tool is that it offers a lot of flexibility. You can opt for proofreading, editing or having a complete study guide completed for you.

All that you have to do is come up with a content plan and a list of criteria that the finished product should correspond to. The text, plan, guide or curriculum will be finalized within the agreed-upon timeframe. This is a service you should reserve for highly complex and specialized texts or the study materials that you simply can’t afford to mess up.

Cooperate with an Experienced Editor

This tool is similar to a couple of the resources already included in the list. Editor World gives you a chance to connect with an experienced editor that will proofread, check and improve your texts.

Make it Sharp and Polished

After the Deadline is a cool web-based tool that many teachers find beneficial. It can also be suggested as a resource that students will benefit from to improve their writing skills.

To use this tool, paste your text in the box and click on Check Writing. The tool will give you suggestions in terms of overcoming spelling errors and improving the writing style. The final outcome will be easier to read and much more focused than the draft.

Proof it One Last Time

If you want to have your text proofread one final time before bringing it to class, try The Proofreaders. As the name indicates, this is a proofreading service. The team does both proofing and editing and they can handle any kind of text or document.

Being a better teacher is all about learning and constantly working on improving your skills. Don’t hesitate to use tools and resources that will help you perfect your writing skills. You want to set the right example and inspire kids to pursue improvements. Becoming better as a teacher will give children the stimulus that they need to work on becoming better students.

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