Study Abroad Statistic: Convincing Facts around the World

Studying abroad can be very daunting for a young student, because you are literally expected to go into the unknown. Another worry is if this experience would make or break your future career opportunities. There is a lot to consider, but perhaps looking at some statistics can help you with the decision process.

According to IES, these were the numbers of a recent survey done of students who studied abroad.

95% of students said that studying abroad aided in them maturing and 96% said their self-confidence has increased.

This is incredible, but also believable. You are in another country all by yourself, without friends or family. The confidence you will gain is incredible, because you have to learn to depend on yourself and stand on your own two feet. If you need a boost in self-confidence, start working on that study abroad personal statement and take on the challenge.

Students who have studied abroad have a better chance of becoming employed within the first 12 months after graduating. 97% of students who studied abroad found employment within a year, versus the 49% of college graduates who studied locally.

Getting into grad school is very important to college students and being accepted at your first or second choice, is something to be celebrated. It is said that 90% of students who studied abroad are accepted in their first or second choice of universities. This is really great to know and somewhat reassuring that all the sacrifices you made was worth it. Your personal statement for study abroad, needs to be immaculate so that you give yourself a fair opportunity to do this.

80% of students who have had the opportunity to study abroad, says that they are happy in their jobs. Many of the places these students see can help them appreciate what they have back home. You become grateful and find a higher meaning in your goals. A job does not define you and this is one of the important lessons you can learn.

Going to study abroad can help you increase your GPA score twice as much as those who did not. Statistics shows us that 100% of students who studied abroad increased their score after returning home. Finish that resume study abroad application and you might be in for a brighter future. One of the fears of studying abroad is the fear of failure upon arrival back home. This statistic can help you put that fear away, because it does not get better than 100%.

Many institutions and businesses give away scholarships for students to go and study abroad. This is because they know the value these students can add when they get back home. You find students who are resilient and not easily shaken by a challenge. These are the types of individuals employers want in their organizations.

More than 50% of alumni studying abroad still remain friends with those back home. Do not worry too much about losing the friends you leave behind. You will be making so many new friends abroad and still have you home friends there when you come back. It is all about staying in contact and not allow the distance to come between you and your childhood buddies.

Do you want to go to Harvard Business School one day? Well 100% of their first year students are required to go abroad to one of their partner businesses to complete a field project. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Harvard does this. They know the value in sending students to study abroad. If they are producing some of the best future business people, then we have to learn from their example.

In conclusion, we note that it seems like studying abroad is a perfect choice if you want to improve yourself and your career. Many students do not take on the opportunity because they are in a comfort zone. You can snap out of it and greatly benefit. Take the chance if you feel like you are emotionally prepared. You will return a better version of yourself and you would have had the opportunity to learn about a different culture. It does not get better than this.



Millie Bryan is a content writer and an amateur guest post writer. She has experience in studying abroad and she is happy to share it with others. Her life motto is: “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

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