5+ YouTube Must-Follow Channels for Students

Growing up, our curiosity and desire to know more about certain things and aspects of life, increases. In this day and age, there are numerous sources of information, from books, magazines to the internet. The youth are not left behind as a large number of millennials have seized this opportunity to provide information on the web using blogs and even YouTube videos.

The trend is growing fast, and you can find useful bits of information from different people around the globe. YouTube is not just for entertainment, but one can get access to essential and mind blowing pieces of information on a variety of topics including ideas for a capstone project for computer science, as long as you know what keywords to use in your search.

However, with the ease of access to the internet and different purposes for individuals to start a YouTube Channel, it may prove difficult for one to find an informative site. Below are some of the Channels students can follow to get useful tips and information on different topics.

Must Follow YouTube Channels

The videos outlined are in no particular order but one that you can find helpful to your student life:


  1. Katherout

Are you in college yet? If not but are planning to be there at some point in time in life, you should try checking out this channel. The channel belongs to a college business student, Katherine Berry.


It is a fun and enlightening channel on experiences you can expect in college. If you are already a college student, then, this these are experiences that you can easily relate to. What better way to learn a different way to handle various situations than from a fellow counterpart?



  1. Minute Physics


Do you have a physics class that you have to take or are you just in love with the concepts of physics and would like to learn more? Well, you should check out the Minute Physics Channel. In the channel, you will find illustrations that include a voice over, elaborating on different concepts in Physics.

You will be able to get a better grasp of concepts that you find hard to grapple. In addition to that, you will be able to learn in an environment that is free from the usual stress that you may find at times, when in class. It is a place to find some capstone ideas for your projects from Henry Reich, a Physicist.


  1. Vlogbrothers


The Vlogbrothers, Hank, and John give insight on a variety of topics under the sun. If you are not looking for a channel that covers a particular subject and would like some diversity, then this is the channel for you. Do you want to know more about current events, or would you like to learn more about psychology?


The two also have other off shoot channels that also offer valuable insight on different topics, that are worth checking out,e.g. Crash Course. You may even get to have a peek into their personal lives, in one of the videos.


  1. Khan Academy

If your sole purpose is to learn more and more about educational concepts and would like to get access to some capstone topics, you should consider subscribing to the Khan Academy YouTube Channel. It is a resourceful site that gives you access to a library of educational videos.


You will also find other cool topics that could fascinate and intrigue your interest, e.g. learn about the Middle Ages of the Japanese, Samurai’s, and much more. Information on the videos is useful to all student no matter their age.


  1. How To Adult

Would you like to know more about life and more so, about the topics that you are not taught in school? Say you would like to find advice on relationships, taxes, finances, etc. In this channel, Mike Martin and Emma Mills, cover a broad range of topics that are useful in the life of a student, before, during and even after college.


Even though the channel stopped production, you can access the already shared content and gain knowledge of living life.


  1. WonderWhy

Are you curious about learning about different parts of the world? Then, this is the channel for you. They answer the questions why. It is a geographical YouTube channel and will help you understand the physique of the world better. Check it out.



YouTube can be an engaging and fun way to gain knowledge for a student. You can learn more about life, e.g. how to save finances while in college; you can learn about a particular topic or access a library of educational videos to increase and improve your knowledge.


All you have to do is know what you are looking for and where to look. We hope this article gives you a head start in your quest to quench your thirst for knowledge.







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