5 University Admission Mistakes International Students Should Avoid

Applying to University abroad is a daunting process. But the truth is, several universities around the world really want to add more international students to their classes. They want their classrooms to have the look and feel of an interconnected and diverse space of the world we live in.

That’s why your unique cultural experiences and identity as an international applicant will give you an edge-hence you should avoid these top 5 mistakes that many international applicants make.

    (1) Not doing enough research


As an international applicant applying to universities abroad, you know very little about these institutions.  You probably haven’t done in depth research into their academic programs and financial aid packages. These are important areas you should carefully consider before making the call. Of course, you should also research the weather condition and cost of living in that city.

  (2) Not asking all the questions

You know several universities that recruit international students have at least one or two admissions officer responsible for answering and advising international students. Sad to say, applicants usually overlook this phenomenal asset. Get to know who your admissions officer is and ask all your questions.

Be proactive in seeking answers to questions you may have. Look for links on a university’s site such as; “contact admissions team”, “chat with current student”. Alternatively, you can email the University’s international student association and you will be sure to find someone who would like to chat with you.

   (3) Failing to plan ahead

Applying for admission to universities in Europe is very different from applying to universities in the States. Some universities accept applications on a rolling basis while others have specific deadlines.

Admissions representatives would be more than happy to take you through these deadlines if you need clarity.

   (4) Not thinking about the future

Getting admitted to study abroad is an amazing thing. You will be thrilled at the prospect of visiting a new place, tasting new cuisines, and making new friends. But hey, dont be carried away by such fleeting desires. You need to spend time and consider what will happen once you graduate from the university plus the internship and career prospects of studying in such  university.

Contact the university’s career planning centre and find out how they assist international students with internship and career placements. It’s important that the university be well connected with top companies and organizations offering internships and jobs.

(5) Not showcasing your worth

When you apply for admissions,(depending on the institution and country) you will be required to list your accomplishments and include a motivation letter. The admissions team wants to use such information to evaluate your suitability for admission.

If you have done well on international examinations, do well to include the grades and list the sports you participate in.Talking about your accomplishments and interests would enhance your chances of getting admission and scholarships.

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