5 Benefits of Group Assignment Every Student Should Know

http://www.studyabroad365.comMany Universities and other institutions of higher learning require students to be engaged in group work as part of the final grade. Students find group assignments cumbersome and time-consuming and therefore, prefer personal assignments over group works.


Institutions of higher learning, in full of the challenges of the group assignments insists that students must earn part of their final grade from group work. Clearly, there must be some inherent benefits of group work the Learning institutions want the learners to pick while working on the group assignment. Here are five of the benefits of Group assignments.

1, Group Work Prepares Students for The Workforce

Group Work is very challenging to students, both active and lazy students. The lazy, slow student wants to do the work at their own pace and when it suits them. The diligent student usually gets fed up with the group members and may contemplate working on the whole assignment by oneself. However, to whichever category one falls, you can’t get what you want and must compromise to meet the requirement of the teacher.

In the real world, there are numerous team projects one will have to be part of as part of your job. By including the students in group work, the lecturer prepares the students for their careers by helping them become good at problem-solving in teams and working under undesired situations.

2. Development of Communication Skills

 Communication entails more than just talking. One must send, receive decode and respond to messages to communicate. In a group, one must engage with fellow members while working on the assignment to solve the presented problems.

In the group, the student must articulate and present his/her ideas to the other members. The others provide feedback, and they discuss until they reach an impasse on an idea. The groups, therefore, presents an ideal learning grounds on how to be an excellent communicator.

3. A platform to meet new people and make friends

Universities have students from across the globe. Making friends is tricky for most students. Group Assignments force students to work together and form relations. The student gets to know the strengths and weaknesses of each other and make friends on the campus.

4. Tapping into the Strengths of Every Member

Every person has a strength or weakness. One may be very good on a certain topic but suck in others. Some students are better than others in compiling in reports while others are excellent in other areas.

Group Work is subdivided into small tasks and subtopics. The subtopics are then divided among the students. Each student takes the area he/she has well conversed. Therefore, the final result is superior compared to individual assignments.

5. Widens the Scope of Learning and Boost the Students Grades

School work is not solely about grades and concentrating on content taught in class. Group work exposes the learners material unrelated to the coursework but relatively important. For instance, it teaches the students how to be patient with others and interpersonal skills which is relatively important in career development but not part of the course content.

The Group works also help the students to boost their grades. As they say, “Two Heads are Better Than One.” Group work tap into the strengths of numerous individuals thus increasing the overall grades for individual participants of the group.

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