2019 List of Tuition Free Universities in the USA for International Students

An international student studying on free tuition in the USA

Tuition Free Universities in America are a good opportunity for many students from low-income families who ideally cannot afford to pay the standard annual tuition fees to access high quality education.  

Fortunately, these free tuition Universities also welcome international students and can be an amazing opportunity for you to meet and interact with students from diverse backgrounds. They offer innovative learning models and facilities,  and provide the communal space to build lifelong network of friends.

While the prospect and opportunities of studying abroad can be absolutely incredible especially with regards to career options and international network of friends, it is an rather expensive, especially in the US.

In order to study in America, you  will need to pay tuition fees every academic session and that is on the high side for international students.

You are even first expected to provide evidence of financial capability to take care of your daily living cost while in the US as part of your visa application. This mostly involve showing proof of a specified amount of money.

Not everyone is able to meet this financial requirement which makes it challenging for bright students who dream of studying in the USA.

The good news is, there are a couple of ways to resolve this issue, among them are scholarships and financial aids offered by some universities.

This article will highlight a list of top ranked tuition free universities in America. These universities have designed methods that ensure their students in need of financial aid are not left out, but rather able to obtain a degree without incurring huge debts.

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This is possible because of the full scholarship offered to students during the duration of their studies. While many of such schools focus on residents in the US, quite a number of them welcome  international students under their full scholarship and financial aid program as well.

The Tuition-free universities in the US Include:

  1. Berea College

Berea College is a private institution of higher learning based in Kentucky, USA, which is popular for its free tuition scheme. Every student who demonstrate the need for financial aid is offered a tuition waiver for the four years period of their studies in the institution.

It comes in the form of a work-study program. Every student is offered the chance to work as part of the program for  at least 10 hours per day within the campus to take care of other expenses such as accommodation and feeding.

It is a Christian institution whose mission is to provide learning in a bible based environment, as a way to build a new generation of morally upright and responsible graduates. It is done with respect to students’ different religious identification.

Berea is ranked 60th on the list of best liberal arts college in the United States and the 10th best for undergraduate teaching.

Every year Berea College welcomes more than 70 international students from about 70 countries. It admission process is designed to admit only one student from a specific country in a year

2. Curtis Institute of Music

This is a conservatory institution situated in Philadelphia, USA, and one of the free tuition universities in the United States of America. This School offers diploma, certificate,  Bachelor and Masters degree in music.

Every year Curtis Institute of Music admits approximately 160 students. This number consist of composers, conductors, guitarists, pianists and singers who make up a single orchestra and opera company. Therefore, admission into this institution is very competitive.

Curtis Institute of Music provides a full scholarship that is merit-based to all enrolled students at both the undergraduate and graduate students levels during the course of their stay in the college. The scholarship offered has a yearly value of $41,087 and $51,924 for undergraduate and graduate students respectively.

3. Barclay College

Barclay College is a Christian private college located in the state of Kansas, USA. Their mission is to train and guide a new generation of graduates who are morally upright and responsible.

It offers principally ministerial courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. That said, other courses such as business management and psychology are taught in the college as well.

You are expected to meet all of their eligibility criteria, after which all admitted students automatically get the full scholarship to the value of $14,000 per year, for the duration of four years.

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4. Deep Spring College

Deep Spring College is a two-year college located in Deep Springs California, United States of America. It offers an associate degree in Liberal arts for students.

It is a fully male college, but may change that status very soon.

This college is tuition-free and fully committed to preparing young people for a greater civic responsibility and service to humanity in all endeavours.

It is considered the smallest institution of higher learning in the United States, offering students courses in philosophy,  Literature, social sciences and mathematics.

Every year Deep Spring College welcome few promising students including those from foreign countries.

5. College of the Ozark

College of the Ozark is yet another Christian institution of higher learning in the United States. Similar to other non- profit private institutions, it is also offers free tuition for students.

It is the oldest university in the state of Arkansas, United States of America and is owned  and run by the Presbyterian Church. College of the Ozark has a liberal arts Program method, but also offers more than 60 precise courses.

This university is among those with the study-work Program for students. This means you will be expected to work at least 15 hours per day to help settle basic needs while in school.

6. Webb Institute

Webb Institute is one of the Tuition Free Universities in the United States of America for aspiring engineering students.

It is a private college located in Glen Cove, New York, offering fully funded undergraduate courses in marine engineering and naval architecture.

Their jam-packed scholarship covers the four years duration of study, and only requires you to take care of books,  accommodation, and other materials.

7. City University of New York

The City University of New York, also referred to as CUNY is a public university located in New York City. It receives funding support from both the state of New York and the city of New York, making it one very few public universities with a very low tuition fees.

The university however provides a tuition-free scholarship package for students intending to apply for their Teachers programs. This comprises a teaching offer upon completion of studies or graduation.

The universities highlighted above offer good opportunities for you as a foreign student to study abroad at a reduced cost. Note that many of these free tuition  Universities in America offer only Bachelor and associate degrees.

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