2019 List of Free Tuition Countries in Europe for International Undergraduate students

With a combined population of about eight hundred million people, Europe has within its ambiance fifty sovereign countries with six of them being globally powerful nations having an unlimited recognition and their languages spoken by millions of people worldwide that is French, English, Ukraine, Dutch, Italian, German, Russian etc and it is divided into seven geographic regions. Europe is credited for being a continent from where some of the world’s renowned cultures and civilizations came to be. European countries maintain high standard academic environment and courses that attract students from all around the world to study and experience world class University education. Education in European countries is a topmost priority for both Governments and individual citizens, hence some of the countries in Europe consistently invest in infrastructure and facilities, and many more offer tuition free or low cost tuition for their people and international students. Here are names of some of the countries in Europe offering free education for undergraduates: Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Australia, Poland, Hungary, etc.


The educational system of the Norwegians is being administered by the Norwegian Universities and College Admission Service. There are many institutions of higher learning in Norway, sixteen of them operate as private colleges, eight of them being universities, and twenty of them operate as state university colleges. Universities in Norway deliver standard educational programs plus other value-added services to their foreign and national students who go there to study each year as their government ensures that their students tuition fee is taken care of through the money generated from taxpayers, though students from other European countries benefit from these services more than students from non European countries. Though tuition fee is free, one will still pay for accommodation and cost of living and that may be relatively high particularly for non-European students, as Norway is globally regarded as one of the most expensive countries of the world.


Sweden was one of the first countries to offer free education to all students both local and foreign regardless of where they came from. This however changed in the year 2010 when their Parliament promulgated a law that changed this and made it compulsory for international students from non European countries to pay both tuition and application fees. When the situation changed, a lot of new scholarship schemes emerged which were made available for students. So if you are a student from the non-European countries, tuition fee for an academic year ranges from eight thousand three hundred to twenty thousand eight hundred euro, in addition to other charges for accommodation and cost of living.


Germany is also another country among the European countries delivering free education to undergraduate students regardless of their nationality. Both European students and non-European students are treated alike. Germany remains one of the most coveted countries among the European countries as an international study abroad destination. There’s a minimal charge for administrative semester fee of about five hundred euro covering transportation ticket, though generally speaking cost of living there is not really high.


Denmark is a top European country offering free education to students from non European and European countries, and their two top ranked universities are the University of Copenhagen and the University of Kiel. Quite recently that has changed and now the non-European students are expected to pay tuition fees, ranging from six thousand euro to sixteen thousand euro per academic year depending on your selected course and the duration of study.


University of Turku and the University of Helsinki are considered the best Universities in Finland. Finland has long been a top study abroad destination for many international students due to their free education services for both European and non European students. Those value-added services were however brought to an end in 2017 for non European students specifically for courses taught with the English language. Though students from European countries continue to enjoy the free educational services, non European students pay tuition fee ranging from five thousand to twenty thousand euro each academic year including their accommodation and cost of living.


Greece is a very civilized country in Europe, their universities charge no tuition fees students from their European counterparts, but their non-European students are required to pay a relatively low fee when compared with that of other universities in the world. With a low cost of living and accommodation conditions, Universities in Greece charge just about one thousand five hundred euro per academic year if you are a non-European


France is an economically and politically advanced country with world-class educational programs and courses that continue to attract students from around the world as their language of instruction is in English. Aside from their expenditures, Universities in France mostly offer free educational programs and services to all students including those from European countries and non-European countries, though they charge a compulsory registration fee which is less than five hundred euro.


Poland is globally recognized to be one of the most affordable countries in Europe in terms of accommodation and cost of living. Universities in Poland charge no tuition fee from students coming from their European Union counterparts, but non-European students a one-time one thousand five hundred euro per academic year for tuition fees.


Scotland is a welcoming nation in European with friendly people and globally competitive education for students from around the world. Being part of the United Kingdom, Scottish Universities offer free undergraduate programs for students from Scotland and other non-British European Union students, which is sponsored by the group known as the Student Awards Agency Scotland. International students outside the European Union countries are expected to pay some token for registration fees.


Slovenia may not necessarily be considered a top hotspot for study destination for international students. However, Slovenian universities give free educational services and programs to all European students, while students outside the European Union pay only five thousand euro per academic year.for tuition.

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