2018/2019 Fully funded University of Trieste ICTP PhD Scholarships for Developing Countries

Application Deadline: Submit applications on or before 19th June 2017 at 13:00 CET.

Eligible Countries: Only applicants from developing countries should apply.

Scholarship country: Italy

Fields of Research: The University of Trieste’s Department of Physics offers five lines of research, including:

  • Astrophysics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Medical Physics and Bio-physics
  • Nuclear and sub-nuclear Physics
  • Theoretical Physics

Type: Research

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Eligibility: Eligible candidates must hold an academic qualification, which can be considered to be equivalent – in terms of duration, level and disciplinary field –  to the Italian degree which allows to undertake Ph.D. studies in Italy. The candidate must hold the degree by September 30, 2017 (or by October 31, 2017 in case of an Italian degree).

  • The program is taught in English.
  • Research is carried out in cutting-edge facilities, on the main university campus, at the local Area Science Park and at national and international laboratories, in collaboration with Italian and international research institutions.
  • Scholarships are open to students graduated in foreign universities.
  • One scholarship -funded by ICTP- is reserved to candidates from countries not belonging to the list of “High-income economies” (according to the World Bank criteria).

Number of Awards:  A total of 13 scholarships will be awarded.

Value of Program: As this is fully funded, all transportation, meals and accommodation expenses for the participating scholars will be covered.

Duration of Program: 3 years

How to Apply: Online application procedure (http://www2.units.it/immatricolazioni/dottorati/): mandatory documents, as specified in ATTACHMENT 4 – Physics:

  1. (1) proof of identity
  2. (2) curriculum vitae et studiorum
  3. (3) university qualifications
  4. (4) abstract of the degree thesis or dissertation
  5. (5) research project (mandatory only for European Social Fund (ESF) scholarship applicants)
  6. (6.a) statement of purpose – self presentation, (6.b) two reference letters
  7. ((7) optional: publications)

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  1. I am Minale Shegaw Shume. I would like to study master’s degree by physics (like condensed matter physics,medical physics,space physics,quantum physics….). Currently I am bachelor of science degree(Bsc.) holder by physics with CGPA 3.79. I request this message to your institution here is,if free space has been there and the institution bring to me a chance for studying master’s degree.

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