2017/2018 Fully funded McGill University MasterCard Foundation Scholarships

masApplication Deadline: The deadline for submitting an application for admission to McGill University is December 10, 2016. Ensure all supporting documents are received by January 10, 2017. |

Eligible Courses:  All development related programs – reach out to the University for Specific details

Scholarship Info: McGill University and The MasterCard Foundation are pleased to offer The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill University for the 2016-2017 academic year. This prestigious scholarship recognizes students who are residents and citizens of Sub-Saharan African countries (including French-speaking students), who come from the most challenged socioeconomic backgrounds and who show outstanding academic and leadership abilities. Thanks to a $27 million financial commitment from The MasterCard Foundation over the next decade, the Program will provide academically talented, economically disadvantaged young people from Africa with access to quality university education.McGill will welcome 91 Scholars from Africa over the next ten years, some of whom will be coming from French-speaking countries.

In addition to financial support, Scholars are provided with a comprehensive support network that includes an array of mentoring and support services to ensure each student’s academic success, community service engagement and transition to socially relevant employment opportunities, when they return to Africa at the conclusion of their studies.

Scholarship Type: Undergraduate scholarships for African students


  • Applicants should qualify academically for admission to McGill University. Please be informed that admission is competitive.
  • Applicants should be first-time applicants to university (transfer applicants would not be eligible).
  • All applicants should be residents and citizens of a Sub-Saharan African country. French-speaking applicants are equally welcome.
  • Applicants should hold an exceptional record of service and activity in their school and/or community.
  • You must have the potential for meaningful future service to your community as a leader engaged in dynamic local and global social change.
  • Your financial status must be in the lowest two quintiles of your country.

Selection Criteria:

Admission Requirement to McGill University

  • Your academic achievement and growth potential – academic admissibility will be determined based on your academic record.

Acceptance to The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

  • Applicants should demonstrate an exceptional record of service and leadership in their school and/or community. They might be involved in organizing youth programs, assuming leadership roles in school activities, participating in clubs and teams, taking on responsibilities at home, advocacy and/or volunteering in your community.
  • They should be wholly committed to return to Africa after graduation to continue to give back to their home community and country.
  • It is important that applicants should come from a low-income backgroundNote that . your financial status will be verified.

Note that to stand a good chance of being considered for The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at McGill University, you should demonstrate academic potential, exceptional records of service and activity in your schools and communities and/or the potential for meaningful community service through engagement as leaders in dynamic local and global social change efforts.

Number of Scholarships: Over time, McGill will progressively welcome 67 MasterCard Foundation Scholars at the undergraduate level and another 24 at the Master’s level, for a total of 91.

Value of Scholarship: All MasterCard Foundation Scholars at McGill will receive a holistic set of financial, social, and academic support throughout their education and during their post-graduate periods.

Duration of Scholarship: A total of four years for undergraduate degree program.

Eligible Countries: Only candidates who hail from sub-saharan African countries

Scholarship country: McGill University Canada

Application Process

  • To submit an application to the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program, you must fill out an online application for admission to McGill University.
  • Because applicants to The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program do not have to pay the $102.20 application fee, you must follow a special application procedure. You will find detailed instructions on this special procedure, and complete information about applying to McGill as a MasterCard Foundation Scholar, from link below

Click here to apply

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  1. Hello. I am very interested in this program and it is indeed a dream come true to be lucky enough to be accepted.

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