2017 International Pharmacy Summer School, Indonesia

International Pharmacy Summer School 2017 (IPSS 2017) is the fourth pharmacy summer school in Indonesia and an annual event organized by Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It will be held on July 31st – August 12th 2017 at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta. It is a unique summer school program combining the academic and student activities. It aims to make participants able to interact and work together with related professionals, get more information about “Exploring Herb-Based Cosmetic Product with IPE Learning method” and many interesting travel experiences as well as memorable Indonesian cultural learning.


  • Attend to increase your  knowledge about the development of traditional medicine indonesia in handling degenerative diseases. Raise awareness participants about the importance of apply science in such cases health problems
  • Raise awareness participants about the importance of participate in realize the targets of the millennium development goals
  • Provides benefits on all parties involved in ipss 2017



  1. Pharmacy student

Eligible Countries

Open for all countries.

How to Apply

  • Download the Application Form on their  website ipss.umy.ac.id or https://ipss.wixsite.com/ipss
  • Thoroughly fill in the Application Form.
  • Remember to print the form and sign it with you written signature.
  • Send a color scanned document of the form to: ipss@umy.ac.id
  • You will receive the email confirmation from the Official IPSS 2017 at maximum 48 hours after we received the email.
  • We will send you the Letter of Acceptance after you passed the document requirements. The document requirements are :
    • Filled Application Form
    • Passport sized of your recent photo
    • Copy of student ID
    • Copy of passport
    • Copy of health insurance (optional)

Application Deadline

Submit applications on or before July 2, 2017

Click here to apply

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