2016 Harvard MBA Scholarship for International Students


Great news!

The world’s most prestigious MBA programme offered at the renowned Harvard University in the United States is accepting applications from the international post graduates community for the 2016/2017 funded Boustany Foundation Scholarship. Granted biennially, this Scholarship awards in financial aid towards the coverage of tuition fees, an amount of $90000(£45000) spanning over a two year programme. Expenses related to travel fares and cost of accommodation are fully covered. And chosen candidates will be announced in autumn 2017. All Interested applicants have until May 31, 2017 to submit their applications.

Who Qualifies to Apply?

You are eligible to apply if you have been successfully offered acceptance into the MBA programme at the Harvard Business School. Your application won’t be processed without a proof of an admission. This is a very competitive Scholarship as applications is open to all post graduates from across the world. Though special preference is given to applicants of Lebanese descent. The selection committee will prioritize strong academic achievement or the potential to meet rigorous academic work of the MBA programme.

How to Apply

To begin with the application process, make sure you have in possession your curriculum vitae (CV), GMAT scores and the letter of acceptance from Harvard. Now email these documents to the email address admissions@boustany-foundation.org. After the review by the selection committee, applicants with the most compelling profiles will be shortlisted and invited for an interview session.  

Other Relevant Information

As a condition for this scholarship, successful applicants will take a two-month unpaid internship with the Boustany Foundation. They will work in diverse fields but closely related to the operations and objectives of the sponsoring Foundation. All expenses related to the internship (cost of travel fares, food and accommodation) are catered for. The internship destination is Monaco, Western Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Late submission of applications? The foundation states that no applications received after the deadline will be considered.

What do students accepted have to pay in return? It is the objective of the Boustany Foundation that those who benefit from the Scholarship would embark on endeavours that would enable them to give back to the world. For this reason, during the internship, students will undertake projects that will position them to make a significant impact in the world..

Further questions? Please, visit the official website for more details.


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