10 Ways to Get Relaxed Before College Exams

Your final exams are going to decide your future. They will add up to your GPA, and finally determine whether you are going to a good or great graduate school. More than that, passing your exams is essential if you want a significant job on the market. Your employers will look through your papers, and decide whether they want you there or not.

Even if exams play such an important role in your life, there is no need to overstress about them. Yes, they will affect your future, but no, your life is not going to end only because you got a C on that Chemistry test. So, even though you should study and make every effort to pass your exams with good grades, remember to breathe and relax. Here are some techniques that might help.

  1. Breathe In, Breathe Out

It might sound weird when you literally mean it, but yes, breathe. A lot of times, stress makes us forget how to breathe. When we overstress, our brains might get the signal that they should stop all activity inside the body. That is not a bad thing, especially when we are on a set deadline. But then again, how is the oxygen getting to our brains if we don’t breathe?

  1. Meditate

Take the time to meditate and concentrate on yourself. Free your mind, and focus on your breathing again. Close your eyes, and be thankful that you are living. Thank the Universe for what it has given to you. If you need to, pray. Share your feelings by talking to yourself. Quiet your mind and your spirit, and shut off your brain for 10 minutes. Then, regain focus on your work easily and properly.

  1. Exercise

Even if you are stressed and feel like you don’t have time for anything, you should never stop exercising. It brings us energy by pumping blood into our brains. Here are some activities you could do:

  • Go for a nice jog
  • Swim
  • Lift weights
  • Do cardio
  • Dance
  1. Talk About It

Exams are stressful, as we all know it. They can influence our moods and add up to our anxieties. Thus, you might want to talk about what is happening before the stress puts too much pressure on you. Too much weight on your shoulders might be dangerous at some point. So, open up to one of your best friends, or have a chat with your family about how exams affect you. Talking always helps.

  1. Write About It

If you are not a very talkative person, don’t worry! There is always another way of coping with stress. Write down your feelings! That will also release the pressure, and increase confidence. Keep an “anxiety journal” and use it whenever you need it!

Dan Cluster, President of essaygeeks.co.uk, shares his thoughts. “Writing is the best way to communicate your thoughts. Nobody will judge, and you mustn’t develop on a subject more than you desire. Your diary won’t ask question, only you will. So, not only you’ll get to release the pressure, but you will get to know yourself better too.”

  1. Watch Your Favorite TV Show

Make time to watch your favorite TV show when you need to relax. Stop worrying so much for those 50 minutes, make yourself some popcorn, and enjoy the action. Have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy the laughs (or the cries?)!

  1. Take a Long Walk

Sometimes, we don’t need to work out. We just need a simple walk to clear our minds. So, put on your shoes, and walk for one hour. Think about anything else other than homework or exams. Listen to some good, classical music, and don’t forget to breathe. Enjoy the view. Ask a friend to join you, and have positive conversations.

  1. Play With Your Pet

Pet therapy is the best therapy! Research has shown that playing with pets reduces anxiety by at least 10% throughout the day. So, make some new friends while playing with some cute little puppies! They will make you forget about exams, and of course, they will give you a good laugh.

  1. Eat Well

Stress makes us pre-disposed to eating junk food and sweets. Don’t let it get to you! – unless you are Japanese, and you really need that Kit-Kat in order to pass your exams (Japanese will know).

There is no need to gain weight now. Besides that, junk food makes you feel gross and too full. Have some oatmeal for breakfast, and a protein-enriched meal in the afternoon. Don’t eat too much at night because you might not be able to sleep well.

  1. Take a Hot Shower

If you are Indian, you might not want to take a bath the day before an exam (hashtag superstitions throughout the world). But if you are not Indian, a hot shower will make you relax, and open your mind. Play some good music while in the shower, sing, and release that dang pressure!


Chill out before the exams. If you stress too much, you might lose it, and that is never fun. In order to conquer the world, you first need to conquer this exam, so do it! I know you can. Good luck on your

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