Top 10 tips for writing an excellent admission essay

scholHere are ten top tips on how to write an excellent admissions essay, along with five tools you will find extremely useful when it comes time to start writing. There are no shortcuts, just plain advice and easy-to-use tools.

1 – Make sure you reference everything than isn’t an opinion

It is okay to give opinions, especially if you are writing something about yourself or something that is personal, but if it is not an opinion, you should try to reference the original source.

2 – Do not try to be original

The students that try to be original are the ones that spawn the same old tripe that the professors and admin staff are sick of reading.

3 – Make sure you stick to the specific guidelines given by the college

There are some students that go rogue in an attempt to be original, such as students that give long and extravagant stories about themselves and then in the last paragraph say they were writing about a dream they had. If you cannot follow instructions, they will not allow you into their college.

4 – Do not allow your proofreading to damage your written voice

Some people are so worried about their spelling and grammar that they make their writing sterile and bland. Do not sacrifice your personal voice and impact for the sake of placing a comma.

5 – Come back to your essay in sections to tweak it

Do not try to re-read and re-proofread all of it at one time because by the middle you will start skim reading. Instead, pick a section and re-proofread that.

6 – Do not enter anything negative about yourself or your life

The college admins will consider it evidence that you are unlucky, a negative thinker, or seriously dumb. They cannot understand your bad luck in context, and so will assume the worst.

7 – Look at other people’s admission essays from years before

Some people put them online, but even if you cannot find them, hunt down a few students that are already attending the college and offer a few dollars to read their admin essays (or offer your friendship if you are good looking).

8 – Have a professional writer work it over or check it for you

Even if you do not have a professional academic writer write your essay for you, at the very least you can have them mark up your work after proofreading so you can make (or not) the changes they suggest.

9 – Get advice from your current teachers and professors

They may not be able to offer much help, but some of them often have little bits of advice that helped their other students get admission.

10 – There are no tricks to admission, do not buy into secrets

Online articles and online payment services that claim they hold the secrets to getting into college are lying to you. There are no secrets. There are simply a bunch of administrative individuals that are going to glance over your essay to see if you will fit within the paradigm that exists in their college.

Here is the list of useful tools for writing an admissions essay.

Paper Rater

The rating system isn’t really very helpful, but the spelling and grammar checking side of their service is. It can give you a very detailed view of the possible errors you have made, and it offers suggestions on how you may fix them.

Ivory Research

They are a leading academic research company that has a team of dedicated and professional writers. If you need your admission essay done quickly, or you are struggling, they may be just the people you need. They offer free quotes for their services, so you may be able to find a price that suits your budget.

Writing House Citation Generator

This is a tool you can use to create your essay references. It ensures you fill in all the relevant elements of a citation, and it helps to make sure all your references are formatted and set out in the same uniform way. You can set it to MLA, APA, Harvard and Chicago.

Phrase Counter

Some people have a tendency to repeat the same phrases in their text. It is especially common when students are asked to write first-person narratives. Use this tool to see which phrases you have overused. If you are worried about a lack of vocabulary variety, they also have a single-word counter too.

Chart & Go

If you want to add charts and graphics, then you need to make them yourself rather than copy them from other sources. This tool will help you create your own customized charts that may help you better express the points you are trying to embed into your essay.

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