10 Steps towards Building the Perfect MBA Resume

An MBA application is made of several different constituents, from Essays and the GMAT score to the LORs, and though we all fret and spend sleepless nights perfecting each and every one of these parts, we often underestimate one of the most integral parts of the application- The  Resume.

Not only is the resume a common thread that ties all your different application parts together, it’s also one of the only documents that is constantly referred to, from getting a first impression of your profile to formulating the questions that can be asked during the interview. Hence before crafting and subsequently submitting the resume, you must ask some hard questions to yourself: What must it contain, how long should it be, how much time one might spend in reading it?


It may come as a shock to you but the Admission committees hardly spent a minute to run through your resume, and in order to increase your chances of securing an interview and creating a favourable first impression, you must create a resume that effectively markets your qualifications, work experience and skills in an easy-to-read format.

So how can I make my resume stand out?

Here is a 10 step process that we swear by, which surely will improve your resume value by 3x


  • Limit your Resume to 1 page
  • Avoid adding Watermarks, backgrounds, designs etc


  • Choose a simple and readable font-style
  • Appropriate use of BOLD AND ITALICs
  • Keep the font-style and size unique


  • Mention just the Phone Number and Email-ID in your Resume
  • Avoid informal email-id’s such as “johnrocks01@gmail.com”, it can be taken by the ad-com as a lack of seriousness.


  • it is very clear to the reader the reason why you are submitting the Resume, so there is no point reiterating the same In an objective statement and missing on valuable space which can be used for other things.


  • A one line bullet is by far the most effective tool to express information effectively
  • For each heading or subheading, aim to us 3-4 bullets
  • Start each bullet sentence with “Action-Words” instead of the regular sentence initiators and conjugators.


  • While mentioning about your Work-Experience in your Resume, mention the Designation, Name of the Company, The Time Span and the Location of your work-place in a single line
  • Always place your work-experience in a chronological order, with the most recent one at the beginning followed by your other experiences.


  • The educational background can also be placed in chronological order giving details of Institute Name, Programme Name, Graduation Date and Marks scored
  • You can also mention scholarships, rank in competitive or other entrance exams received, and academic honours, if any.


  • Extracurricular help you gain an competitive edge over others with a similar profile
  • You can highlight mention any Positions of Responsibility held at clubs or any service you provide at any NGO, association etc. here.


  • Be careful with mistakes such as spelling errors, tense mix-up, gender swap or erroneous subject-verb agreement
  • Also, be careful about Active & Passive Voice! Often times, the same sentence will convey a stronger message in Active Voice than when written in passive and so on.


  • Don’t forget to ask someone who has a neutral standing, to proof read your resume. This may help you understand what may seem confusing to a 3rd party and may also help you catch some spelling or grammar errors.

So make sure you work on these points and see your application value shoot up.

Interested in knowing more on how to make your MBA Resume even more special?

You can check out the infographic below on 10 Steps towards Building the Perfect MBA Resume. Additionally, check out our post “10 Steps towards creating an effective MBA Resume” to gain a deep understanding on step by step process of creating your MBA Resume.



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