10 of the Best Places to Study Abroad


   (1) Paris


Paris combines iconic architecture and one of the world’s most coveted and admired cultural heritages with a super impressive selection of highly recognized international universities. Institutions here have a very strong reputation among graduate recruiters, while low tuition fees go a long way in offsetting the relatively high living costs. Paris also has some of the Best Study Abroad Programs.

    (2) Melbourne



This beautiful city in Australia has a perfect score for student mix. It reflects a large, diverse and inclusive student community.It is the nation’s capital and has a lot to offer to lovers of comedy, beach life, nightlife, comedy, life music plus several universities to choose from.

   (3) London

You can’t beat the UK capital when it comes to the sheer number of universities ranked among the world’s best.London has universities in the global top 5. There are galleries, gigs, restaurants and clubs you could ever want.Even beautiful expansive green spaces and a fascinating hipster culture.

 (4) Sydney

The iconic harbor, opera house and beaches are among the most beautiful in the world.This city is Australia’s most populous, most multicultural, and most recognizable. It is home to five internationally ranked universities.

(5) Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most densely populated areas. It boasts one of the planet’s most impressive concentrations of internationally ranked universities. This is city life in the fast lane, with a side helping of stunning sea views and a rich mixture of local traditions and international outlook.

 (6) Boston

Finally, you can pursue your own American dream in the heart of new england where boston combines beauty with brains.In close proximity to two of the most famous universities on the planet(MIT and Harvard), the Athens of America is known for its intellectual pursuit, while behind its sea front skyscraper skyline where you’ll find pretty tree lined avenues in which to enjoy the city’s famous fall colours.

 (7) Tokyo

Do you want to study in a really big city? Well, they don’t come much bigger, busier or buzzier than the Japanese capital, known for taking the phrase “bright lights” to a whole new level of neon.From Karaoke to tea ceremonies, Tokyo is packed with plenty opportunities to explore traditional and contemporary Japanese culture.There are also several Affordable Tuition Universities.

 (8) Montreal

Multi-lingual, multi cultural and a low cost study abroad destination than most of the other 10 student cities in this year’s ranking. Montreal is home to the prestigious McGill university. Annual events include the Montreal International Jazz festival and the world’s largest comedy festival.

 (9) Toronto

This is a close rival to Montreal in every respect.This is Canada’s leading financial centre which boasts booming arts, fashion, creative and foodie scenes and has the highest score in the “desirability” category of this year’s ranking.

(10) Seoul

Seoul has been in the “up and coming” for some time now, but now it is firmly on Asia’s most happening destinations. It is what you’ll call a 24/7 city. The South Korean city is known for it infectious energy and non stop activity. It has a combination of skyscrapers, grand places,  and the centre of K-pop scene which has redefined the phrase “go viral”. Prospective students would be interested to find out its home to 14 internationally ranked universities.


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