10 Countries Where You Can Study in English for Under $5,000 a Year

It is a known fact that one of the many benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to learn a new language, but that does not mean you want to study in a foreign language-especially if it is hugely different from yours or your course contains complex terminology.

Fortunately, english is the common second language in the world and many universities are increasing their range of available english taught programs in order to attract more international students. We have looked at a range of places where you can study in english abroad. If you are on a budget, this article will tell you where to study and get a degree for US $5,000 or less. Of course, you will need to consider other expenses when budgeting to study abroad(student visa/university application fees, accommodation, health insurance).


The main language of instruction at universities in the land of ice may be Icelandic, but affordable english taught courses are also available, albeit mostly at graduate level. Iceland’s four public universities don’t charge tuition fees, which means you only need to pay an annual registration fee of $700. Non EU/EEA students will be charged an application fee when they apply and this is usually $70.

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Unfortunately, iceland is an expensive country to live in -the university of iceland recommends that students budget at least US $1,100 per month. This means that you will need at least US $13,000 for your living expenses per year.


If you want to study in english in a warmer climate, Malaysia could be a good option for you. All programs at private universities are taught in english and most postgraduate degrees are also english taught(they are less common at undergraduate levels. Malaysia has an ideal combination of low tuition fees and living costs, with the capital city ranked  as the most affordable city for students.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia equally offers high quality education at affordable tuition with no tuition fees charged at universities such as King Saud University. The country’s interpretation of islam might take a little getting used to, as alcohol is prohibited and there is a strict gender division.There are many courses with english as the medium of instruction, particularly at masters and for courses in engineering, science, and medicine. Many residents speak english but it’s worth learning arabic to help you settle in.

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Germany is an ever popular destination for many international students. All students can study for free at public universities in all states except Barden-Wattemberg where fees have been reintroduced for non EU students. If you are a non EU student at this university, the fees will still be lower than what you’ll find elsewhere at $3,000 per year.

Many German people understand english, but it is still a good idea to learn basic german especially if you are thinking of working during or after your studies as this will increase your employment prospect. If you want to study in Germany in english, you may have to be quite relaxed about your choice of program if studying a bachelor’s degree, as english taught programs are more common at masters level.


This is another good option where there are more than 120 english taught programs. Tuition fees vary between universities, but there is no average figure. Tuition fees rang e from $3,000 to $4,000 per year. For living costs, you will need up to $7,000 per year.


If you want to study in France, but can’t speak french-dont be scared, there are currently about 1,200 english taught programs available (more commonly at masters level). Bachelors degree cost about $125, masters $300 and PHD’s $460.

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English taught programs are becoming increasingly popular in Norway, especially at masters level, making it an ideal place to study in english. Tuition is free for all students at public universities in Norway, meaning you only have to pay for $38 each contest. Sadly, living costs in Norway are very high. You should budget $17,600 per year. Students can work in Norway and make extra cash. International students from outside the EU will do a work permit.


If you would like to study in a sunny and warm country, then choose Greece-the place of academia. As in other destinations, you will find out that english taught programs are more common at postgraduate levels. If you are from EU region, you won’t be pay tuition at public greek universities. If you are an international student from outside the EU,you should budget $1,750 per year. Living costs in greece are also some of the lowest in Africa. You should budget $8,400 per year.


Finally,our list of cheap destinations closes off with this beautiful central european country which has much to offer international students-prestigious universities, high quality of life, and exciting student life.Majority of programs are taught in German at Bachelors level, with a much wider range of english taught programs in english.

Many people in this country speak english, especially young people. But its still a good idea to try your hand at German. If you are fro the EU/EEA, you can study bachelors or masters degree for free provided you complete it in the required time frame. After this, you will be required to pay $425 for each additional semester. Non EU students will pay $1,700 per year.

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